Inquiries regarding interior design services should be directed to Gloria Capron ASID: 301-933-0140 or emailed to Gloria on the Contact sheet on this website.

Full Range of Interior Design Services

We move to inspire as we journey through each project. 

There are Comprehensive design services to suit the needs of your project or if you have a smaller project in mind, we offer Shorter Term Interior Design Consulting Services. 

Minimum 3 hour design consultation for Out-Of-Design Studio Design Work in the Washington Metro Area. 

Minimum 1 hour design consultation: GCID In-Studio Design Work.  

Minimum .25 hour for Telephone Consultations.

Interior Design Services include: Developing design concepts and planning to address client's needs and priorities.  We can coordinate handle and assist in the purchase of components regarding  furnishings, fabrics, finishes, details, accessories, floor, wall, window treatments, fixtures and equipment . Our services can and do extend from interior to adjacent exterior spaces including terraces, porches, decks and patios.

The Possibilities are Endless in the Scope of our Design Services which include from the following list:

- General design planning and preparations based on personal design preferences

- Space planning- furniture layout and placement

- Analyze gathered program data for design of living and dining      spaces, guest and entertainment spaces

- Studies of spatial relationships and privacy

- Color specification

- Integrated equipment /appliance layout design

- Studies of space adjacency

- Planning and assistance regarding electrical power, lighting & control, data, phone & security needs

- Provide assistance for studies of acoustical relationships and material selections

- Storage utilization studies; to analyze storage needs

- Design custom millwork and cases for storage needs

- Assist in the design of home theaters

- Home office, studio, library design

- Window treatment design

- Wall and ceiling details design

- Development of outdoor spaces: terrace, patio, porch and deck furnishings & design

- Floor coverings

- Environmentally friendly & safe interiors

- Event planning

Other Services

Fine Art and Sculpture: Provide design assistance in selection, purchase and placement of art, handcraft and sculpture.

Custom Framing & Exhibit Design: Provide design assistance for selection, purchase and installation of custom framing and display solutions.

Art and Antique Conservation and Restoration: Advise clients on available methods and make a recommendation for course of action.

Graphics and Signage Design: Develop designs and plans for signage programs.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Design: Provide design assistance with lighting locations, materials, finishes and equipment.

Closet and Storage Utilization: Provide design assistance, product research and planning for space utilization and closet/storage solutions.

Interior Plantscape: Provide design assistance in selections and placement of plant material and floral design.

Commercial and Residential Interior and Exterior Finishes and Architectural Coatings: Design assistance for color programs and selection of materials and finishes for all areas.

Event Planning and Design: Provide design assistance for all facets of events, i.e., graphics, invitations, theme, lighting, sound, outdoor structures (tent design), and table layout.

Relocation Planning for up or downsizing: Consult and provide design assistance with respect to relocation needs of commercial and residential clients.

Interior Design Marketing Services: Provide interior design assistance and planning for Residential and Commercial sellers who are marketing real estate to prospective buyers. We often provide owners with pre-move/pre-sale presentation and staging.

Custom Furniture

Let us design furniture that is customized for your world...custom furniture that fits and connects your family and business network! Your new furnishings should suit the needs of your home, company offices and public environment.

Your design process begins now, as you consider working on your first project. Perhaps it will be to get started on the planning of a beautiful library workplace or special custom foyer console table or chest. Maybe your dream leads you to thinking about a beautiful space to entertain guests, a home theatre, an outdoor space or an efficient workplace which serves as a meeting area for your office environment.

Well-designed comfortable upholstered seating systems would go far to warm up your new home and welcome visitors and guests to your center. Let us bring you fine craftsmanship, quality materials, beautiful finishes and timeless design; the past to your present in a way that is beautiful!

Let us help you answer your need to complete and connect with all that surrounds you!

Custom Upholstery

We can design a world of comfort and style for home and office customized and tailored to meet your special style, size, scale and special materials created for you.

Custom Home Office Furniture & Environments

When you get down to business. Let us design your home and office furnishings to meet your needs.

Custom Display & Storage Systems for Collectors

Looking for a curated and collected style?  Let us design a beautiful and practical display/storage system to exhibit your treasured collection.