An interior designer creates and arranges objects in an interior landscape for comfort, ease and grace. From the weave of everyday life; fabrics that surround us and surfaces that protect us, the designer colors and textures our materials to cloak and warm us. They mesh their work with the current technology and modern conveniences that help us live and work. Designers create space that is art, both classic and modern with you at the center.

Gloria Capron has been practicing the art of interior design for over thirty years. Yet, with experience has come renewed discovery of new styles and new techniques, an insight that allows her to breathe fresh air into the lives of others. Perhaps this is not surprising, for every project is an act of discovery as Gloria works to bring personality, the very spirit of her clients, into every design. Gloria creates interior spaces that make us happy, heals us and re-energizes us. They are projects and new space that offer us a place to get in touch with our families, our colleagues and our inner self. Grounded in tradition, Gloria brings a sense of the modern to her work. From lighting to color programs, furniture styling and layout, to finish selection of building materials, she works to infuse the space we live in with elegance and beauty while retaining the excitement and energy of today's fresh and new. No doubt Gloria's love of the lines and movements of classical architecture mixed with the exuberance of modern life comes from being a native Washingtonian. She has spent her career working in the Washington Metropolitan Area, where she has been featured in design shows and local publications, including award winning show house rooms, a Wine Gallery, featured in the 30th Annual National Symphony Orchestra Decorator Show House, and "Elect to Collect", A Collector's Studio + Gallery, featured in the 2004 Designers' Showcase in Bethesda, Maryland. Yet she has found connections nationwide, as well: Gloria's work has been featured in national publications, and she has won recognition by her peers from ASID, the American Society of Interior Designers, and professional organization of which she has been a longtime member. Her work for commercial clients, public spaces and backdrops has been televised on CSPAN and CNN, and she has spoken on HGTV. Explore the website and learn more about Gloria's philosophy. Look at the images and get a taste of what it might be like to live inside your work of art, to have your inner self reflected in the space around you, touched by the hand of a master. Contact Gloria, and find out today how you can live within the comfort of beauty.



My Design Style is to weave the feeling of relaxed and understated elegance into every project space, with no boundary for what is beautiful, specific by period or "what's in style." It's a timeless approach as we work with every client's personal style, blending tailored Classics, antiques + modern works of furniture, art and craft. All objects are viewed as art with function, balanced within each space to give an artistic way to carry on in life and workplace environments.
As we enter our design collaboration there is a new order of words that demand change; a move back to basics and toward a simpler life. Our new administration, global environmental shifts and shrinking economy bring us a powerful collection of words. Words that draw us into focus and affect how we live, work, relax and heal. Climate changes press for movement while earth calls us to conserve; to respect its environment. The times hold anxiety and economic complexity but blocks to old ways also draw us to design in directions that enlighten us; ways that inspire and calm while they energize us. Our precious earth has established a new priority. Personal environments are a refuge--places that nurture joy; joy that is a potent force for the good in life, both physical and mental. Our homes, workplaces and worship spaces will become the places we feel close to; our settling space; places of peace and tranquility; Space shaped, with color and texture, clutter removed; we will begin to feel more at ease. Let this new language motivate us to move forward with a nurtured spirit as we are guided in ways we design; the ways we'll change. This perspective is one of many ideas that will breathe fresh air into the places we live and work. Let us begin our journey and embrace this new direction.
What could be better than finding a great color that energizes a space and puts a smile on the project? Harmony and balance in color schemes is what we strive for in good design for our clients. Successful interior and personal harmony draws from a harmony of color, texture, form, function and light. Personal harmony is a balance of all the design elements for the individuals who use the space. Color is dependant on form, function and light. Working color into the balance adds excitement and fresh perspectives. It can change mood, create drama and unify space. Its like turning on the music to the words of a song. Color defines space and can enhance themes and cultural traditions creating a visual concert feast for the eyes. Just the addition of color can set the tone, define the space and provide rich backdrops and focus such as when it is used in exhibit design of private and public collections.